Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Noe!

Today we celebrated my Aunt Noe's Birthday at Oby's in Starkville after church. It is always good to see my Aunt and Uncle. They are two very special people that do so much for our family! Aunt Noe always takes great pictures and I love these two! My favorite child.. and my favorite puppy! haha.
Thanks Aunt Noe.. happy happy birthday! We love you.

Queen Megan and her Escort Adam!

This weekend we came home so I could get my taxes done. It also happened to be Adam's fraternity (Kappa Sig), Charity Bowl Classic. Megan was picked to represent Tri Delta and Adam was her escort. We went to Starkville Saturday night to see them both.. Little did we know that Megan would turn out to be Queen of the Charity Bowl! We were so excited! Bella had such a good time with everyone! She pretty much stole the show! She thought Megan was "cinderella" and just ooo'd and ahh'd over her pretty dress and crown! It was cute to she her attempt to put "Cinderella's" slipper on! She thought Megan's shoes were so pretty! ;) that girl and her shoes! I guess she gets it honestly! What can I say!
She also has finally figured out that if she would just let her uncle Adam love her the life would be grand! After many times being scared of Adam she finally won't leave his side! I mean wherever Adam is.. Bella is! It's really cute! She just loves him now and as you can see from the pictures, he does do!