Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Cadie is Bella's nanny a.k.a second mommy, my saving grace, therapist, life organizer.. etc. Not only does she keep Bella 4 days a week, rain or shine; She keeps me sane and in line.
Cadie is 21 years old from Crystal Springs, Ms. She is currently taking time off from school to figure out what she wants to major in. I'm sure Bella has given her much to think about when it comes to a pediatric profession! :) She completed 2 years at Copiah-Lincoln and will be returning to school at USM in the fall as Bella ventures off to the land of daycare.
Just to give you an idea of how awesome Cadie is, a few weeks back I had a single mom melt down-crisis. I was suppose to be in New Orleans during the week for a seminar on Stroke and Cardio-vascular disorders when I realized I had no idea what I was going to do with Bella. INSERT CADIE! In the midst of my mental breakdown and pity party, Cadie volunteers to tag along and take care of Bella. So.. all three of us load up and head to New Orleans! (Trips to New Orleans sure have changed!) No comment please.
Back to our trip.. 5:30 am came very early. As I got ready and tried not to wake "The Princess" or Cadie, I heard the tv and there were the two of them under the covers watching Disney! Cadie never once complained and was such a joy to be around! As I endured a very long and boring day of seminars, Cadie and Bella went to the New Orleans Aquarium! Bella really had a blast and I was so thankful for all Cadie did that day! It turned out to be a fun trip.
From going to the park to pretend shopping in Bella's closet, Cadie is always a breathe of fresh air! EVERY MOM SHOULD HAVE A CADIE! She is pretty AMAZING!
Thanks for all you do! We love you, Cadie!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three Strikes ANNND.. You're Still Cute!

CAUTION: if you are one of those people who think naked babies should not be seen besides at home, this is NOT FOR YOU!!
Bella is ALWAYS into something and it never being what she is suppose to be into! I seems these days I'm constantly saying "Bella, where'd ya go?" and I turn around and she has that smirk on her face like... HE HE... I gotcha again! My mom always said I would soon pay for all the sleepless nights I put her through and I'm starting to get a small taste of what I like to call "SELECTIVE HEARING BY BELLA!"
It was bath time tonight and we were running a little behind schedule. I had been trying all night to get her on camera saying some of her new words such as "Bella B, My Baby, Tigger.. etc. HOWEVER, kids never do anything on Q or at least mine doesn't! :)
So.. while I was running her water I turned around, yet again to not find her behind me.. I panicked.. ran into my room and there she was!
STRIKE ONE: she took her diaper off
STRIKE TWO: she was on my computer
STRIKE THREE: she PEE-Peed on my floor (a new terrible habit in which she enjoys watching herself!, GROSS)
I grabbed my camera.. and well, you will see what i got! I did manage to get her blowing kisses for me which is a new skill. I then smiled and thought.. IF YOU WEREN'T SO DANG CUTE!

P.S. please disregard the background of my room. Claire has taken over my room for the moment and even she knows my OCD self has issues with it! Its best to just not look! (I still love you Claire!)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend with Daddy!

This past weekend Zack and Mrs. Lynn a.k.a Gammie came to spend time with Bella and it turned out to be a HUGE success! Zack did so good with Bella and really impressed me with how instantly they bonded! Bella warmed up super fast! From going to the park to watching Cinderella with Daddy, Bella was as happy as ever! It also gave me and Kyle a WHOLE day together without worrying about the time! We went to lunch, bowling and to the movies! We called it SATURDAY FUN DAY! We really enjoyed our time together and appreciate so much all Zack and Gammie did for Bella!
If you have ever noticed, Gammie is the master behind all of Bella's precious outfits! She does a maticulous job and Im so thankful for all she does for me! Bella is always fit to be tied! Im very blessed! I just feel sorry for Bella's children! I gotta learn! and YES MOM, you should dust off that NEW sewing machine you procrastinator! :) Here are some pictures from this weekend! As you can see, Bella takes after her daddy alot especially when she is being hard headed! :) Just kidding Zack!

Peer Pressure!

Hello! I have officially been "pressured" into Blogging! Ive tried for a WHOLE YEAR now to prevent this from happening in fear that I would be judge for my oh so many mistakes as a new mom but my 2 reluctant but AMAZING friends from high school, Jenny Holloway and Paige Wamble have decided to suprise me and MAKE MY BLOG for me! Since Ive struggled with peer pressure for so long ( NO COMMENT FAMILY) I once again fell in the trap! I do hope this will bring both sides of Bella's family closer to the daily life with Bella! So.. I must say.. THANKS JEN for your constant creativity in your hectic world with twins! You are so selfless and precious! and thanks to Paige for your constant support! I am constantly trying to be as cool and great of a SUPER MOM and you two! MUAH!!! xoxo