Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tonsillitis and Nanu's!

Every Thanksgiving my family loads up and heads to the MS Gulf Coast for the Shields' family extravaganza. We all meet in Moss Point/Pascagoula area for a fun few days of great food, family and friends. HOWEVER.. this year the car was packed and we were finishing up work when I received a phone call saying.. MS SHIELDS, Bella has 103.5 fever, could you please come get her from school! I panicked! I was an hour away at work so who else do I call.. CADIE! Sweet Cadie took B to the Doctor to find out that she has apparently had TONSILLITIS for the past MONTH. The doctor said her adenoids and tonsils were the size of golf balls and she had puss pockets on her throat! :( I cried probably as hard as B because I have been so stricked on snacks lately because SHE HANS"T BEEN EATIN! It's been a time!
Well, NOW WE KNOW WHY! Poor thing was sick. So.. Bella and I spent Thanksgiving in Jackson and ate Thursday with the Benson's. BOY WAS IT GOOD! Thanks Mrs. Ginger and Mr. Rick for always being our Family! :)
Bella's fever was a roller coaster ride! UP DOWN AND ALL AROUND FOR 4 days! Once it came down we came on to Columbus to see the whole family post Thanksgiving on the coast. To my surprise Nanu and Pop Pop had a surprise for Bella of their own! They MADE HER A TRAIN! Its an early birthday present and we LOVE it! Its so creative and super fun! If you are ever around Columbus, Call my mom! She is all about taking friends on the Train! Luck us to have them both!
I hate we missed a great Thanksgiving with the whole fam, but I'm glad to say that B is much better and we are gearing up for a BIG 2nd birthday!

Lauren's Wedding!

A few weeks ago I got to go to NYC for a long weekend with my girlfriends to celebrate my sweet friend, Lauren's wedding. I got to see Steph, do some shopping, eat good food and see LOTS of Christmas lights! there is nothing better than NYC during Holiday season. Lauren's wedding was a blast! It was my first Jewish wedding and I have to say.. they have some great traditions and throw the BEST parties! :) I really had a great time and loved seeing everyone! It was good for all of us girls, minus Robyn, to get together. We missed you Robs! Congrats again to Lauren and I can't wait to come back next month! ;)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween with Daddy!

Bella had her first full weekend with her Daddy here in Jackson over Halloween. Zack took her trick or treating in Madison Friday night. I think she turned out to be the cutest "B" ever! :) Please noticed the pumpkin bag my mom made! It was precious! Saturday they went shopping and did lots of playing together. Bella came back with lots of goodies! Sunday, Zack, Bella and I had breakfast together and I think it was a huge success. All in all, she had a fun weekend with her daddy and did lots of talking about it when he was gone!

Halloween with Mommy!

Bella, Cadie and I spent Halloween together on Wednesday night since Zack was coming into town. We had the pleasure of going with the Herring's to their Fall Festival at their church in Madison. They had the BEST Food and tons of games and stations for the kids to play! Bella and Harper spent the entire night either JUMPING or running around kicking balls. Those two are a site to see. Bella kept saying "Come on, Harpa" it was so cute! I think Harper thought she was crazy by the end of the night! I love when we get to see them! We always have the best time! Thanks Brooks for inviting us and to Cadie for ALWAYS being my "BETTER HALF" haha..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


A few weeks ago Winnie the Pooh Live was coming to Vicksburg. Bella is such a Pooh fanatic that I got us tickets. Well, then I got my appendix taken out and Bella didn't get to go! I was so upset for her! I felt terrible that It was my fault that she didn't get to go! Luckily, Elmo Makes Music/Sesame Street Live was coming to Jackson and I thought it would be a great way to make up for missing Pooh! Well, my sweet brother Drew took the initiative to get Bella and I tickets! We were on the 8th row front and center! WE had a ball! She danced and played the whole time! Thanks Drew for the tickets! I hope the picture shows you just how much Bella loved it!