Sunday, June 29, 2008

All By My Self!


For the past couple of days I've been working with Bella on "potty time". She has been taking her diaper off when she pottys for a few weeks now so, I figured it was time to get the potty chair BACK out and try again! This weekend she went with Beka, but tonight she KNEW what she was doing and was so excited!! I was very proud and OVER excited too!! Who's to say she won't do it again for another week or so, but HEY I gotta celebrate while I can! I just love this picture; she looks so happy!!:)

Happy Birthday Benson!

Bella and Benson opening gifts!

Another one for Benson!

Bella showing Mrs. Ginger and Meghan her gift to Benson!

Bradley and Angela, my great friends and Benson's roommates!

Most of you know Chris Benson, but those of you who don't really should!Chris has been one of my closest friends since Sophomore year at State. We truly have been through EVERYTHING together! He always seems to be there when I need someone to hold my hand, pamper me or just make me smile! He is a very selfless, caring and humble friend and I'm very blessed to have him in my life!
This past weekend Chris turned 25 and his parents had a few of Chris' closest friends over to celebrate! We had SUCH a good time! The Benson's are a great family and I love being around them. They have really taken Bella and I in since we moved here! We now go to church with them on Sundays and usually afterwards for lunch. It's always eventful with Bella, however great to feel apart of such a special family. They have such a warm house and we always have a really fun time getting to hang out with them!
For Chris' birthday I decided to let Bella do something a little special for him! She really loves art these days so last week her and Cadie took a trip to Madison to paint my own pottery where Bella made Chris a cute "change bowl" with her hand print in the middle reading "HIGH FIVE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENSON!" It turned out so cute and Bella had a great time making it! The pictures are from the cookout at his parents house! Thanks again for having us.. we love you guys! Happy Birthday Benson! You are the BEST!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bella See, Bella Do!

I should have posted this about A MONTH ago, but I have been so busy I haven't sat down to hardly check my blog! I know.. Terrible Mom! So, Let me brag a sec on my little B!
Since we are the only 2 in the house, we spend EVERY SEC together! :) Literally. Therefore a lot of Bella's "free" time is when I'm busy taking care of the house or doing laundry. This can be good because Bella will usually color or play in her castle. I'm all about kids learning to play on their own. I think its AS IMPORTANT or even more important to be comfortable with themselves as with a group.
OK, so I had to say that being an OT. Back to B.
About a month ago I was doing laundry while running our bath water. In the mean time, I looked over and Bella had put one sock on ALL BY HER SELF and was attempting to put the other! I was SO excited! She is learning so much that I never realized!

Oh and Before someone says anything.. YES Bella does wear clothes and I do have pictures of her in them! :)

Cute Feet, Cute Kid!

Bella got her toes painted for the first time when we were in NYC! She sat the entire time and did such a good job! I thought they turned out precious! Ever since we got back she has been walking around "wiggling" her toes and constantly pointing to them! I can't believe she is such a little girl now! I love it! In the words of Richard Shields.. CUTE TOES, CUTE KID! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008



First SERIOUS Art Project!



Zoe and Bella on the Drums!

Moddy and B.. play, play, play!

Sunday we spend the day at the Manhattan Children's Museum. It was by far the funniest day! Bella LOVED this place and as a OT, I DID TOO! It was very hands on and had 4 floors filled with Arts & Crafts, Imaginary Play, Sensory Stimulation, Gross Motor Activities and Exploratory activities. They also had a WHOLE FLOOR of DORA! Bella has become a huge Dora Fan and she was very cute on this floor. She wanted to point at EVERY character and name them, esp Backpack! She met a cut little girl Zoe who she played with on the drums and loved dancing to Dora music with. Zoe was precious. Steph was such a good sport! She was right in there with Bella the whole time playing and being involved. I really appreciated having her there. Bella also got to make her FIRST arts and crafts activity! She loves GLUE and whats not to love about MESSY art projects.
The whole place was $9.00 unlimited access and I think I had as much fun as Bella did! Its definitely a place to take the kids if you ever visit! I would love to be able to take her there daily! So much fun!

Bronx Zoo!

Bug Ride with Mommy!


American Girl House!



IM POOPED! Bella layed down in the middle of the Zoo!

Moddy telling B all about the P Dogs!

Saturday Steph (Moddy), Bella and I loaded up for a long subway ride to the Bronx Zoo. Bella doesn't do well on long rides due to her Aunt Beka! Beka LOVES holding Bella and has made it difficult for me to enjoy strolling with her, due to Bella wanting to be held! Stephanie had to teach me a lesson REAL fast on patience and self control and Bella learned even FASTER that she wasn't coming out of the stroller! Once we got that straight it was a fun day. The 3 things Bella enjoyed the best were PRAIRIE DOGS, TURTLES AND DUCKS (GO FIGURE). She was terrified of the monkeys and didn't think too much of the lambs! The lamb in the picture "BAHHHH'D" at Bella as soon as we set for a pose, hence Bella and my reaction! It was pretty funny. After a long day at the Zoo Bella decided to LAY DOWN IN the MIDDLE OF THE ZOO on the road. Stephanie and I couldn't figure out what on earth she was doing, but she thought it was soo funny! Steph and I immediately freaked about germs and our OCD kicked it!
We left and on the way home we were hit with a DOWN POUR! It was such a hot day and the rain wasn't going to kill us so we walked in it! It was pretty funny and Bella thought it was great! What a fun, but tiring day.


Carly and Me

Sleepy Bella after a long day on the subway home.

Took off her diaper and grabbed her sunglasses! What a life!

Moddy and Mommy!

Moddy and Bella playing in Central Park

Robyn,Lauren and Bella watching DORA!!

Claire sharing her love of Reading with Bella and I!

Jenny and Bella laid back living!
Last weekend Bella and I made a trip to NYC to visit Moddy (Stephanie) and take Bella to some fun places. Stephanie and I always have a great time when we get together and I love having her as Bella's Godmother. She brings so much to her life and I couldn't ask for a more involved person. Bella loves her.
Our trip was very relaxed, but fun filled. We went to the Bronx Zoo, The Manhattan Children's Museum, Swimming, the park, shopping.. etc! What can you NOT do in NYC! :) We had such a good time. Bella really took to Jenny, Stephanie's roommate. Bella thought she was so funny and Jenny taught her all about FASHION! It was cute! Bella did great on the flights. She had a hard time Friday adjusting to the schedule change and subways, but Stephanie taught me will power pretty quickly.. THANKS STEPH! Bella Got a little restless on the way back after our 11 hour delay and DRIVE HOME AT MIDNIGHT FROM ATLANTA, but other than that.. she was a princess. :)
ANOTHER reason I love NYC is my wonderful girlfriends. I went to NYC 4 years ago thinking I could never find close girlfriends in 2 years of school and BOY WAS A WRONG! Clarissa, Robyn, Lauren and Carly are 4 people I can honestly say have pulled me very far! They are always very close in heart and phone! I love bringing Bella to see them because they were of the first to learn of her existence and have adored her from day one. 4 + 1 (Steph) are GREAT REASONS TO RETURN~~!!! :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Laura Beth and Harris Bond!

Laura Beth and Harris Bond

Uncle Joe and Sweet Allison Griffin

Beka and I

Beka Boo and B

Harris measuring up to the Shields' brothers!

Cousin Josh, Cousin Anna

My Cousin Stacey and Her Husband Bill with Clare and Will
Mr. and Mrs. Bond

Richard Shields, Lenore Shields Griffin, Tommy Shields

This past weekend we got to spend the day with my dad's side of the family to celebrate my sweet cousin Laura Beth's wedding! Mom and Beka came Friday afternoon to Jackson and we spent the day shopping and having lots of girl time. It was wonderful! Saturday we met Drew and the rest of the Shields' crew in Collins. Well..minus Adam who had prior commitments for Orrientation for Mississippi State.
The wedding was so sweet and very much a celebration of two people madly in love! I couldn't be happier for the new Mr. and Mrs. Bond! Congrats Laura Beth!!

We got to see so many special people and spend a day together. I know my dad was very happy that day! He always treasured his brothers and sisters and also got so excited when the whole family was together. It means so much to me now as a mom to get to share Bella with the rest of my extended family. They are very supportive of both Bella and I. I am very blessed to have them! Im looking forwards to Thanksgiving on the Coast already!! Can't wait for My Aunt Martha and Noe's good cooking! YUMMMM!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend With Daddy, Gammie, Aunt Kathryn!

Friday Zack, Mrs. Lynn (Gammie) and Kathryn drove over for the weekend to see Bella. Friday night was Bella's first time to spend the night with Daddy. She had such a good time!! Zack said she took a little time to adjust, but did great for him! He said he really enjoyed his visit with her and I know Bella did too! She always loves getting to see Daddy, Gammie and Aunt Kat! They spoil her to pieces!
I'm not going to lie.. I worried all night about her; calling and texting Zack frequently! However, I realized quickly that Zack is very protective of his little girl and does a great job when he keeps her! I came home Saturday thinking she would run into my arms and shower me with a million hugs! To my surprise; she quietly grinned! (INSERT POUT) I was secretly sad that she didn't make a big fuss over seeing me, but when its all said and done, I was excited that her and Zack had such a great weekend together! Here's to many more with Bella and Daddy!
Oh and let me say thank you to Mrs. Lynn who made me a HUGE bowl of chicken salad and pimiento cheese! YUMMMMM!! Hers is the BEST! Bella and I have indulged ourselves in both! Thanks Gammie!