Saturday, April 11, 2009

Charlie Stole My Blankie!!

Bella LOVES playing "are you asleep" with everyone!However today, Charlie decided he needed a little attention of his own! ;)

My Money Adam!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bella has gone to visit her daddy for a week, yes I said a week! It has been a LONG one at that. I have to admit a night or two is nice once in a while to catch up on sleep, run errands or even RETURN to the real world. However, after that I am in serious sadness without my Bella.
Last week when Zack and I met in Birmingham to exchange child (insert pout) we got to visit with my special friend Kristin and her family for the night. The Ferguson's are always so kind to let Bella and I stay the night before meeting Zack. It's perfect for me because I not only get to break up Bella's ridiculously long car ride, but I also get to see Kristin. Kristin is in graduate school at Auburn and we NEVER get to visit! UGH! I really had a great time seeing her and Bella just adores her. Bella also seems to have a small crush on Kristin's younger brother Jarred! I mean the child doesn't leave his side! ;) Seems to give Kristin and I A LOT of time to play catch up, so I'm very grateful to sweet Jarred and his new found babysitting skills! Thanks to Kristin, Jarred and Mrs. Bethany for all they do for us in the "exchange" process. Just another set of people that seem to make my world go round! ;)
Did I mention how excited I was to see Bella tomorrow?? I feel like a kid at Christmas all over again!