Monday, October 20, 2008


I totally forgot about these pictures taken on my phone and I just had to post them! My mom came in town last week to help me around the house and with Bella. Bella had come down with a bad cold and I couldn't take off anymore days so thank goodness Nanu is retired! ;) She rushed to my side! It was just what B and I both needed to cheer us up! Bella just adores her and nothing makes me as happy, then to see them together! thanks Mom for all your help! B and I love you! xoxo


Last Thursday morning while I was at work, I started having really bad stomach pains. I thought I was coming down with the stomach bug! However within an hour I was rushed to the ER with appendicitis and was transfered to River Oaks Hospital where they did an Emergency Appendectomy. Needless to say, things went great! I was out of the hospital Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ginger and Mr. Rick Benson rushed to my side and did a great job taking care of me and arranging surgery with the best doctors! My mom, poor thing, was in Columbus sick with the stomach bug herself so she had to stay in Columbus. Beka, Cadie and Kyle took care of Bella for me until I could get home.
Once home, I realized JUST how slow I was! Once Mom got to feeling better, we made the decision for Bella to head to Columbus so I could recover. Pretty hard to take care of a toddler when you can't lift or bend! Sweet Beka took her and Bella will come home tomorrow! I'm doing much better and hope to return to work soon. I go back to the doctor Wednesday to remove my Staples. I'm really looking forwards to seeing Bella and having her back here. Even though I know she is having a blast with her NANU, its been too quite without her! :( Thanks to my family the Benson Family,the Holloway's, Brooks, Claire, Cadie, Kyle and everyone else who helped me this past weekend! I'm so blessed to have such great friends and family~
The picture above are flowers from The Benson's and the Holloway's. Thank you both for the beautiful flowers and food! They brightened my day!

Petting Zoo!

While we were at the Mississippi State Fair, Cadie convinced me to take Bella into the petting zoo. It was their first outing together last year when Cadie started keeping Bella. I can't believe time flew so fast!
I had big hesitations about the petting zoo. All I could think was.. GROSS animals with gross germs! However, once I got in there and realized how much fun Bella was having, I seemed to calm down!I did Purell A LOT later! haha. She was so cute with them! She would point out eat animal with their sound i.e. Cow.. "MOOO" before she would feed them. I think she and Cadie both had a great time! I especially love the picture of her with the pigs. She thought they were so funny!

Mississippi State Fair 08!

Last weekend Cadie and I ventured out to the Mississippi State Fair. It was my first time! Man was it expensive! Geez.. I had no idea it was going to cost a MILLION dollars to ride 4 rides and eat! Needless to say, I learned that my sweet Bella is an adventurous! She loved the fast rides and hated the slow "round-n-round" ones. The best part of all was eating! YUMMMY funny cakes and chicken on a stick! Goodness, I think we gained 10lbs just walking in. Bella has a new thing for FOOD ON A STICK. She thought it was pretty cool, especially the corn dogs! ;) Im so thankful Cadie went with us. Its so good to have her to share Bella with! I hope she will continue to go everywhere with us! Bella and I both enjoy her so much.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going Home!

Like I said, We stayed in Columbus for the weekend since Drew was in town and had a great time! If there is one place Bella likes to be its with her NANU!! My goodness the child doesn't leave my mom's side from the time we get there until we leave! She just adores her and the rest of my family. I couldn't be more thankful! From playing in the yard with Drew and Paul to makeup with Aunt "NEKA" she always has a great time and comes home spoiled! Thanks again to Drew for picking her up and bringing her back for me! You are a life saver and thanks to Mom and Paul for spoiling us both! Its always so fun to come home.


This past weekend we spent in Columbus visiting my family and seeing Annie Cate in homecoming. I had to work Friday, so my sweet brother Drew volunteered to pick Bella up Thursday night on his way to Columbus. I was very shocked to hear that Bella did great for Drew and they spent the whole day Friday playing in the yard. Adam escorted Annie Cate friday night so the whole family was FINALLY together. I was super excited about having a family picture until I realized Beka was NO where to be found! :( Needless to say we had a blast seeing Annie Cate and visiting with everyone. She looked so beautiful and made us so proud!