Monday, February 23, 2009

Atlanta Visit with Daddy!

This past weekend Bella and I went to Atlanta to meet Zack for the day. We went to the Atlanta Children's Museum and the Aquarium! We had a really good time and Bella got to see her daddy! The Children's Museum was really cute and a perfect age for Bella! She had so much to get into there! She LOVED the sand! Zack and I didn't think we would ever get her away from there! She also loved the trucks and going fishing! It was a really cute place and perfect for Zack to see her in full action! We then went to the Aquarium where Bella kept yelling "COME ON DADDY ITS NEMO" everywhere we went! It was so funny! She even would take my camera up to the glass and say "SAY CHEESE FISHIES".. she was pretty cute, but all over the place and it was packed! I definitely recommend going NOT on a weekend! We also got to see a lot of mine and Zack's friends.. Patrick Thompson, Preston Rienhiemer and Lindsey and Steven Pond (formally Lindsey Swedenburg). It was a lot of fun and Bella is still asking about Nemo and Daddy! Anytime she gets to see Zack turns out to be a success! She really does love her daddy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

What better way to spend Valentine's Day then with the people you love the most! I was lucky enough this year to spend Valentine's Day with Bella and BOTH my brothers! Adam and Drew both came up for the weekend to see Bella and I. We had such a great time seeing them both! We spent the entire day (literally 4 hours) at Gatti Town playing endless hours of sibling rivalry at skeet ball, Dance Revolution, Bowling and target shooting! Bella's three favorite things were the carousel, bowling and skeet ball! We couldn't get her OFF the carousel.. which is really funny because usually she WON'T get on! This time she kept saying "one more time" EVERY TIME! Adam and I both were about DONE with the carousel! ;) We had so much fun that Bella was asleep by 7 that night and slept through our entire meal! Sunday we ate at Keefer's and Drew was kind enough to help me go to Wal-Mart! I mean that is an adventure in itself! I can't seem to get out of there under a $100 or less than $20 worth of us less products and food that Bella tends to add to the cart! Needless to say it was a wonderful weekend! I love my brothers! Thanks guys for coming to see us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle..

Two things my mom and Bella have in common.. 1. Their obsession of coloring 2. their love to sing! 2 nights ago I caught Bella handing my mom a crayon and asking her to sing Twinkle Twinkle.. probably the cutest thing! Bella just loves her Nanu! ;)

Tonsilis, Adenoids, Tubes.. OH MY!!

Last Thursday Bella had her tonsils and adenoids removed and her ear tubes replaced. After many months of chronic upper resp. infections and sleepless nights; Dr. Lee decided it was time to fix it. Bella hasn't slept through the night "soundly" since she was born. She sounded like an 85 year old man snoring! It was pretty terrible. Bless her heart too, she just couldn't stay well. I thought for a while it was the whole "starting school, being around kids deal" and I was wrong. Her adenoids and tonsils needed to be removed! They were causing her so much problems instead of fighting off infection! The surgery went well, the recovery on the other hand is a different story. The first day in the hospital she was amazing! Bouncing off the walls, watching all her favorite movies and coloring. By day 2 we were in trouble! From high fever to dehydration, Bella had a time. Poor thing has been in so much pain! There is nothing like seeing her child hurt and not being able to fix it! Thank heavens for my mom!! She came down for the week and took care of us BOTH! :) I honestly don't know what I would have done without her!
Thanks to The Benson's, Claire, Brooks, Cadie and everyone else who helped me out during the week and for all the goodies you got Bella! Here's to a better week for Bella!!

Charlie Comes Home!

After Bella's surgery and things calmed down a bit I decided to surprise Bella with Charlie. She LOVES him! He is the sweetest yet LAZIEST puppy ever! It takes serious effort for the puppy to get going! So different from Bella and I; a perfect choice! :)We are really having a great time with him! He sleeps through the night and lets you know when its time to "go".. what more could I want? Oh.. AND he's the best cuddler! I'm pretty sure I will stay single now forever! ;) I love him and Bella does too!