Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dress to Impress!

Bella really seems to be into playing "dress up" or "makeup" these days! I mean she is ALWAYS into something of mine, whether its shoes, clothes or my perfume! She thinks she needs to be doing whatever Mommy is doing. So this past Saturday Annelise and I were freshening up to go out for the day. We turn around and we found Bella just like the pictures will show.. IN HEELS, A DRESS, AND HER SUNGLASSES primping in the mirror! If this isn't cute, I'm not sure what is! :) Miss Priss in full affect!

Monday, September 15, 2008

21 months!

I've posted a few new ones so scroll down to check them out! I'm way behind on posting. We have been crazy busy! 21 months is already here and about gone!I can't believe we are already thinking of birthday #2! Gosh the time flies! Bella is really starting to grown into her own. I'm seeing so much personality right now! She LOVES playing with her babies and pretend play. She mimics me ALL the time! I find her playing "make up" and "mommy" a lot these days. It's pretty sweet, but scary that she watches me so much! She is talking up a storm. She can identify eyes, noes, mouth, ears, hands, head, elbow, toes, and belly button. The others are just randoms! :) Super into Princesses right now, especially Cinderella and DORA. Can put on her shoes and socks and helps with shirt and pants. she can jump, kick, pass and catch a ball. She loves to sing the Cinderella song and The itsy bitsy spider. Still big into coloring. We color EVERYTHING including Mom's walls and babydolls faces. She eats completely by her self without a sippy cup and uses utensils. She is doing GREAT with the potty. I'm about ready for big girl panties! She says "oh boy, That's Sweet, So pretty, there ya go, where did she go?, there she is?, that's mine, most family names, identifies people, some colors and numbers and basic objects. She loves marsh mellows and bananas! We are completely gone from paci and 100% into carrying PINK EVERYWHERE! She hates: getting her hands dirty, wiping her nose, changing close, the word NO, and getting water in her ears. My favorite thing she says is "awe.. its okay" if you pretend to cry! I think she gets this from bed time! My least favorite thing she says is "WAITT MOMMY WAIT"!! at bedtime when I leave the room. It breaks my heart! OKAY that catches me up with the baby book! :) Here is a video from my mom's house this past weekend. We had already had breakfast and Bella seemed to be hungry for a snack around 10 am! I was craving chicken so we decided to dip into the cold chicken bag! Needless to say.. SHE LOVED it! Please ignore my annoying voice in the background and the persistant try to say Adam. Sorry Adam..

Congrats Annie Cate!

I also wanted to congratulate Annie Cate Creegen for getting New Hope High School's homecoming Queen 2008. Annie Cate is Adam's girlfriends' sister (wow that was a mouth full!) She is a great addition to our family and Bella just loves her as much as we do! We are so proud of you Cate and can't wait to share the day with you. We love you!


One of my closest friends, Robyn Satnick from NYC got engaged this weekend to her precious boyfriend Andy Frank! I just wanted to congratulate them both and wish them good luck this next year preparing for the wedding! I'm so excited for you both! These two are a super fun pair and are the ONLY Hollywood couple i know! ;) RANDY you are great! I love you!

State and Sunshine!

I mean what can I say... State just can't get it together in football! From our offensive coordinator to our clumsy quarter back, we are doomed. Oh well. I still support them and say GO STATE! :) The past 2 Saturdays I have been lucky enough to have Mom keep Bella for the day while I went to the game. Even though we lost by ONE point this past Saturday, the game was a lot of fun.I was also excited to see some of my girlfriends from out of town and Pregnant Brooks with Julia! :) My Mom made Bella's cute MSU outfit and I just had to get one on here of her! Thanks Mom! We also got a chance to all meet for Lunch on Sunday so Bella could see Adam and Megan. She has recently started saying "ADAM" which just melts his heart! Its precious. As we were walking back to Adam's apartment, Bella started humming " you are my sunshine" with Adam. I couldn't get all of it, but it was sweet. We all grew up having the song sung to us by our late Grandpa Miller. So, it brought back a lot of great memories. Im glad Adam got to share it with B.