Sunday, September 20, 2009


Bella has become OBSESSED with "So you think you can dance" I have to admit that its one of my favorites too, but she is really into Salsa and the Samba. The child loves to shake her booty! Anything Beyonce' sings, Bella sings. Esp. single ladies. She was def. born with rhythm. I caught her dancing to the Samba and quickly ran up stairs to get my phone when she stopped. Even on "Q" she shook it! Too funny.

Growing Up so Fast!

Can hardly believe my little girl is almost 3! Each day is a new adventure full of questions, questions, questions! Lord, my child is very inquisitive! She is either 100% a sweet angel, full of "i love you, mommy" or 100% ATTITUDE.. "I DO IT MYSELF" I never know which day it will be! I have to say this year has been very trying at times, but I honestly love watching her grow up. I enjoy that we can do so much together now! Things she loves: dancing, painting, reading, wearing high heels, makeup, dress up, barbies, babies, bubbles, puzzles, CADIE COLLINS, horses, GOING FISHING, picking flowers and CAKE! Her favorite foods are: Salad,oatmeal, yogurt with fresh fruit, bananas, noodles, Salsa, peppers...
I've been very blessed with not one, but 2 amazing grandmothers that can sow! LORD between my mom and Mrs. Lynn, Bella does not lack for anything! Always fit to a T and as she would say.. "NO BOW, NO GO!" Below are a few photos of my angel.


Bella and I went to see Moddy (Steph) in NYC in Aug for a very long weekend. It also happened to be one of my closets friends, Robyn's wedding. I was super excited to take Bella back since she was older, to visit Steph and all my friends and to get to go to Robyn's wedding at the Plaza! The wedding was breath-takingly beautiful as were the bride and groom! I couldn't have been happier! It was a wonderful wedding weekend!
Bella spent a lot of time with my girlies... Steph,Lauren, Carly, Claire and Mr. Kim ;) She showed out a few times but all in all we had a great time. She got to see her first Broadway show "Pinkalicious", we made pottery at FAO, saw a Barbie runway show at FAO, designed a BLACK (YES BLACK BARBIE AFTER HER MOTHER)played in the Park and visted Brooklyn. IT ALL WAS FUN! Steph was a super trooper to have us both there and did an amazing job of taking care of B while I was busy with wedding details. Always.. Always a place in my heart. I hope Bella will one day know just how amazing this city is. MOST OF MY GOOD PICTURES ARE ON FACEBOOK. THESE ARE THE ONES FROM MY iPHONE. STEPH TOOK ALL THE GOOD ONES WITH HER ACTUAL CAMERA.

Elmo Live with Jacey Woods!

I had the opportunity of taking Bella and her best friend Jacey Woods to see Elmo live! We lucked up and got front row seats! The girls were great and loved every minuet of it! Jacey spent the night and after a super fun night the girls crashed hard! We always love having her around. She is such a sweet child!