Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I can hardly believe I turned 27 yesterday!! UGH.. where have the past 26 years gone! I keep thinking.. 30 is so close. Whats next? haha. Me, B, My Mom and Beka had planned on going to the beach (courtesy of the Benson's) for the weekend to celebrate, however the hurricane and bad weather here kept us in. BOOOO. I was NOT excited but didn't want to chance the weather. Therefore, Bella and I celebrated in Columbus Friday with my family and here in Jackson Saturday. My birthday was a very blessed one. My mom and Sister gave me a precious shirt and MONEY (Thanks Mom) and ADAM YOU BETTER BE SENDING MINE SOON! haha.
Saturday Bella and I had lunch with Mrs. Ginger at Primo's and then headed back over to the Benson's where I was greated with a CAKE, BALLONS, and LOTS OF GIFTS! I was very excited and So surprised! This family is so sweet to me! I can't say enough about their kindness. They even had Bella a present just to celebrate! HOW SWEET!!
Saturday night, Bella and I went to my friend Leeanne Avalon's for a cookout. Where I got to see my great friends Michelle Moskal and Mandy Smilie! Even though it was cut short by Bella's bedtime, I really had a great time. Thank you girls for my HOBO PURSE!! YEA!! I am so excited to use it!
Thanks to everyone who called, text, emailed. I couldn't be more thankful!

First Day at First Baptist Madison!

I know its taken me a while to blog about Bella starting school, but this new schedule has thrown both of us for a loop! It was a big change in Bella's sleep time. She now gets up around 6:30 vs. 8:00 and only naps ONE time a day! Therefore, the first day getting her up and ready was not very exciting. HENCE ONLY TWO PICTURES. She did however jump right out of my arms and ran on in to play once we got there. NEVER EVEN LOOKING BACK. There I was crying in the doorway! I couldn't believe she didn't want to hug me at least ONE more time! :) To say the least, she has done wonderfully! No time outs and gets on her mat at nap time. The first week her adjectives were: FRIENDLY, BUSY, INQUISITIVE, NICE and ENERGETIC. I couldn't complain. She even got Star student! I was very proud of her! The next week we came down with PINK eye and an upper respiratory infection. UGH.. I knew this would happen eventually but was not prepared the 2nd week. I have No time off just yet with my new job therefore, I had to pay Cadie to stay home with her for a few days. She still wasn't quit over her cough on Thursday so she went with me to work! It actually was a lot of fun! All my patients LOVED her and she fit right in with the Rehab crew! We are still adjusting to the change, but I'm very happy with her new school and I just adore her teachers. I hope we will stay here a while. Its such a blessing!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shiloh Park!

Saturday Bella and I met up with the Holloway's for a fun morning at Shiloh Water Pad in Brandon. Jenny called me Friday night introducing me to the idea and I was really glad we ended up going. It turned out to be such a cute place and perfect for their age. They all lOVED the slide and the oversize water guns! Between the 6 of us we were all pretty tired when we left! Unfortunately I didn't get too many cute shots, being that I was usually chasing a child! :) Thanks Jenny for inviting us! Oh and did I mention.. Carrington and Bella look TOO Much alike! Both cute as a button and full of personality! Hmmm.. wonder where they get it?

First Hair Cut!

Bella got her first haircut Friday! I've been putting it off for a while now, even with all the comments of her having a "mullet" and looking like a little boy. I just couldn't brin myself to cut her pretty curls! Luckly my good friend Claire's aunt cuts hair right down the road from us and was more than happy to do it! Chandra works at Banz's Salon in Ridgeland. Moms if you need your child's hair cut, go to her! She was wonderful! All it took was Bella in my lap with M&M's and Wendy's Fries! I mean, what more would you want?? The hair cut turned out precious and we still have plenty of curls!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tomorrow is Cadie's LAST day with Bella and I! Cadie will be returning to school at USM and Bella will be starting First Baptist Madison on Monday. We both decided back in May that it was in Bella's best interest to have her around children more often. I can't tell you how much my heart hurts to lose her! Cadie has been with us since Bella was 6 months old! She is not only Bella's OTHER MOTHER she is also my secretary, psychiatrist, daily planner, personal assistant... need I say more! She DOES IT ALL! I'm not only losing someone who has changed Bella's life, but mine as well. I can't say enough about her! Even though she will still be picking B up from school a few days and helping me when she is in town, having her NOT come in at 7 am in her PJ's just won't be the same! We will miss you Cadie!! WE LOVE YOU!


This past weekend I had the pleasure (THANKS MOM) of going to NYC to visit my greatest friends for a huge girl weekend! One of my closets NYC friends, Lauren is getting married in November!! I couldn't be more excited for someone! I met Lauren when I was in NY at Columbia and from the first day she spoke of Eric I knew they would be married. So, the 5 of us (Clarissa, Lauren, Robyn and Carly) had a small get together to celebrate! Full of great food and LOTS OF GOSSIP!
I also got the chance to see Steph which always is a huge highlight! Steph and I rarely get the chance to truly enjoy each others company because we are usually cramming a week long vacation into 3 days! :) I missed Bella everyday and felt so lost without her, however If you know me.. YOU KNOW I ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF THE CITY! Thanks girls for a fabulous weekend.


Cadie called me last week to ask if she could take Bella to "Build-A-Bear" since it was a rainy day and both of them were stir crazy in my apt. Little did I know that it would transform Bella! PER CADIE'S REPORT... Bella had a blast, however had to have all the works. The MOST expensive bear, shoes, dress, crown, wand and sound effects. All for a grand total of $45.00! You should have seen my face when I got the text with the total! PANIC! I was thinking an AMAZING bear! On my way home from work Cadie calls again.
Cadie Shelby, you are going to die when you see Bella! She insists on wearing the bears clothes and has been in time out for 2 min now because she pinched a fit to wear them!
Shelby Oh gosh, just let her put them on! (WINK WINK)
As you can see Cadie is the more disciplined of the two! haha.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! SHOES AND ALL! and the Bear's name is Princess or "CENSIS"