Thursday, March 27, 2008


If you have talked to me in the past few weeks you may have gathered that I haven't really been myself. I"ll be honest.. I haven't. I guess you can say, just when you think things can get tough.. you'll be surprised that they can get even worse! I won't go into details, but lets just say.. BAD LUCK. My Uncle Richard gave me some advice once when I was throwing myself a pitting party. He said "its okay to admit its tough, its not okay to not do anything about it!" It was NOT the words I wanted to hear at the time, but those words have really made a difference. Whether its just another Monday or an Off day.. You still have to be the toughest you can be!
Well... I came home yesterday pretty much as down as I have been in a while after some work woes and increasingly bad news on new tires to only find the SWEETEST THING EVER! Bella was full of so much love and joy that I completely forgot about all my worries!! I then realized how good I really have it! Even on my "off" days she makes me so much stronger! Seems as though when I've been crying out for help, God already sent her.
Just thought I would share these cute pictures in hopes that she will brighten your day as she did mine.
Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. (Psalm 61:1-4)


Easter is a special time for me. When I was 8 years old I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my lord and savior. I still remember that Sunday morning and being so nervous about walking down the isle. What a difference Jesus has made in both mine and Bella's life! Im so thankful now that I get to tell her all about the good things he has done.
After a long week of work; Thursday we loaded up and headed to Columbus for Easter weekend with my Mom a.k.a. Pris or Nanu. Bella and I haven't gotten to spend a weekend with Pris since Jan. We were both in much need of some good Q.T. at "home". Friday we spent the day in Birmingham shopping with both Aunt Boo and NaNu! I always enjoy spending the day with Beka and my mom. We ALL love to shop and we ALWAYS have fun, so it was a very happy day.
Saturday Bella had her first Easter Egg hunt! We met up with a lot of my good girlfriends from high school and their children for a VERY eventful afternoon. There were children everywhere! I couldn't keep Bella situated for one minute. If she wasn't eating she was off into something. This child loves exploring! I have some adorable pictures that will come as soon as I can get them from Pris' camera!
I loved seeing everyone and their children! It really makes me smile to have them all together!
Sunday, Easter was VERY busy. I just couldn't seem to get a decent picture that day! As you can see our "family" photo of Bella and I is NOT the cutest! Between her facial expression and my hair in my face, we were ONE HOT MESS! Bella wore a dress that was actually MINE, made by Pris. It was always one of my favorites and even more special since we both have worn it! Bella's Gammie (Zack's Mom) gave her the cutest shoes! I LOVE THEM and what better time to break out the new duds than Easter Sunday! Thanks Mrs. Lynn! After Sunday lunch we headed back to Jackson for a much needed day alone together and LOTS of house cleaning! I hope everyone was as blessed this Easter as we were. God is definitely good.. ALL THE TIME!


After a week or so with no Internet action, my sweet Mom gave me her old laptop! I am so thankful, as is my wallet. I need to clear one thing up. THE TU-TU in the pictures was given to her by her Godmother Stephanie (Madrina) when we went to NYC in December. I totally got it confused with her gift from me and I apologize to Stephanie before she disowns me! :)
My Mom was sweet enough to give Bella swim lessons for a VERY early Easter gift a while back however we missed several weeks due to a cold and spring break. We finally had our first sesson Tuesday with 2 other children. We had SUCH a good time! She has always loved the water and being around other children so, Its a fun place to go! Her favorite part is the slide and floating on her back! She does great at putting her face all the way under independently however, kicking is still an option for her. Cadie or a.k.a "Ce-Ce" as Bella has renamed her will be taking her on Tuesday mornings at 11:00. MOM is working! (POUT!!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



I Have a Dream..

I grew up loving dance and secretly still do. Jenny Manning Holloway and I had our first dance recital at the English school of dance when we were 3 and finished our senior year together at Ballet Columbus. We have joked that our children probably wouldn't even like to dance, just because we wanted Bella and Carrington to! When Kyle and I visited New York back at Christmas, Stephanie (Madrina) bought Bella this sweet tu-tu at FAO. I had forgotten about it, until I found it hanging in the closet and realized it was time to try it out! Bella LOVED it and I just beamed with excitement. I think she makes a cute little dancer! Oh and please notice the picture in her hand. Its Bella's Nanu, my Mom. She sent us her school picture in our Valentine's happy and I laughed at her for doing it. I mean, who sends personal photos of themselves? ha. Apparently Bella loved the idea, because it has not left her hand. So.. here is proof Mom that she does love you!

All By Myself

I have really started to enjoy cooking! I am always looking for new, easy recipes to try. (if you have any please send them my way) After work, around 5:00 we start dinner and Bella usually sits on the counter close to me and "munches" on her dinner if everything is not ready by the time her tummy says. This has actually been a great way for me to help her learn to feed herself, or so I thought! She would "assists" with a few bits here and there. Since she has figured out that she can "DO IT HERSELF" she no longer needs Mommy. (INSERT SAD FACE). She pouts, throws food or says NO now when I try to help her. Meals have gone from 15 min to 50 minutes!!! She will try and pick every piece of corn up until it is all gone and stone cold! I thought It was so cute and fun, but I will admit my devotionals have now been directed towards patience. Here is to me finding some through Miss Pris and meal time!

Leave me alone Mom! I told you I could do it!


Duck, Duck, Goose!

Sunday after church Bella and I went to feed the ducks at the at our apartment. She thinks all animals are "ducks" or at least that is what we are calling them these days. It was such a beautiful day and a perfect Sunday to spend together. She couldn't realize that the bread was for the ducks. Every time I would throw the bread to feed them, she would go for it! She pouted or got upset when the ducks got the bread and she didn't! Pretty cute and very funny! I just love this child! She can truly be a little handful, but then I realize who's child she is! And there off... Bella and the duck both after the bread; as you can see Bella won!
I sat in the swing while she played a while and she took a break as though she was coming to tell me something important! It was so cute!
Her new way of demonstrating she doesn't like what I'm saying! I get this often!
Sweet Bella

Its rare that we get a "candid" moment.. as you can see, I adore her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mommy in the Corner!

My Aunt Noe is going to be calling me!!! I realized of all the pictures I forgot to post in my Ackerman vist was the one of her and Bella! Shame on me! I just realized it! So, I added an extra from a special visit from them in July when they came to visit! Bella was 8 months then and she already began to really take to her Aunt Noe and Uncle Joe! They are such special people! Sorry Aunt Noe!
Aunt Noe Giving Bella her first taste of "heaven" a.k.a.. shrimp!! YUMM!! Look how much Ive changed in 8 months! (Bella at 8 months visit!)

Poor ME!

Get Over Yourself Mom!
Just want you all to know that I am really starting to get frustrated with this whole "bloggin" bit! I can't format to save my life and everyone else's page looks alot better than mine! Boo hoo! SO.. I don't want a single message telling me that my page is off line and it looks bad, cause guess what! I KNOW! :) sorry, I hate when I can't do something cool! Must be an off day! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Cups More Than Half Full!

Aunt Meggie! First 4-wheeler ride! Group Pose!

Miss Priss herself!

Bella just LOVED desert! But who didn't! We both love Uncle Adam!!

Sweet Kisses!!

Bella telling her Uncle Joe all about her "hard" life! :)
Bella Watching Gabby on the computer! I love this!

This past Saturday Adam and Megan met Bella and I at my Aunt Noe and Uncle Joe's house in Ackerman for the day. We had soo much fun! Bella had her first 4-wheeler ride and really loved it! This child is such a thrill seeker and never seems to be scared of anything! Reminds me a lot of my self when I younger!
Adam and Megan had Orientation Leader practice all morning at Mississippi State so, Bella entertained us until they got there. She explored their house at least 20 times, getting into anything and everything she could find! My Uncle and Aunt are like adopted grandparents! They SPOIL Bella roting! I can't really complain; they both remind me so much of my daddy that I usually find myself overflowing with happiness when I leave. My dad was very close to the both of them and always talked as though his brothers and sister (and spouses) hung the moon! As time passes, I'm really starting to appreciate all of them so much more! I think, actually I KNOW my Dad would have really enjoyed the day with all of us together. He always said the second most important thing in life was family..
Adam and Megan finally got there around 4 and Bella really began to show out! She showed her Aunt Meggie how to really wear sunglasses and her Uncle Adam that kisses were extra special! She even got her first taste of Shields' cooking! My Aunt spoiled us with some gooood Jambalaya, an amazing salad, and ice box mouse pie! We then got to see some home footage of Bella's cousin Gabby. Gabby is my cousin Jason and his wife, Debbie's first child who is 6 weeks older than Bella. (Aunt and Uncle's son) Jason and Debbie just had their second a few weeks ago, Allie! They both are very beautiful little girls! My Aunt had some footage of Gabby on her computer..she was full of jabber and dancing which really seemed to entertain Bella! She couldn't keep her eyes off the computer! We got so tickled watching her. It was almost like they were communicating, very cute, but strange too! :)
After much visiting, Bella and I headed back to Jackson. Bella was out like a light 20 minutes into the ride. She seemed to be worn out from all the playing! We had such a fun day. It's always good to see my family! As my Dad would say, "it doesn't get much better than them!" ;)