Monday, June 1, 2009

A date with the Holloways!

I had the privilege of keeping Crew and Carrington about a month ago to let Ryan and Jenny have a much needed date night! Jenny is constantly going and if you know her, you know she is the ultimate SUPERMOM-SUPER EVERYTHING! Ryan isn't too shabby himself! He is a go getter too! ha ha.. SO! Cadie, Bella and I went for a FUN night at the Holloway's! Those 3 were soo funny, constantly playing and copying each others' every move! From dancing to Tot's American Idol at bedtime, we had a blast! Bella did NOT want to leave and cried the whole way home! She still is asking, "we see Carrington and Cuw?" I love it! Thanks Jen and Ryan for letting us have a wonderful night! we love you!

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