Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ohh its been a while since I've visted this blog and figured it was about time to update it or just throw it in. Since Bella is at her daddy's for 2 weeks I have a little extra time on my hands (and i don't like it) I am missing her way to much these days!
Well, we moved to Birmingham and I guess It hasn't turned out to be what we expected or hoped for. However, all in due time Im sure God will reveal his plan for us and hopefully where we need to call "home". As for now, Bella and I are just enjoying our time together and getting her into all her new activities such as soccer, dance and her not so favorite, swimming.
Brooks sent me these photos of Bella and Harper and Julia out at Reunion a month back and I just loved them. Harper and Jules are such sweet friends to Bella and I couldn't be happier since Brooks and I are so close. It makes watching them grow up together, even more special. I love them!!

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