Sunday, September 20, 2009

Growing Up so Fast!

Can hardly believe my little girl is almost 3! Each day is a new adventure full of questions, questions, questions! Lord, my child is very inquisitive! She is either 100% a sweet angel, full of "i love you, mommy" or 100% ATTITUDE.. "I DO IT MYSELF" I never know which day it will be! I have to say this year has been very trying at times, but I honestly love watching her grow up. I enjoy that we can do so much together now! Things she loves: dancing, painting, reading, wearing high heels, makeup, dress up, barbies, babies, bubbles, puzzles, CADIE COLLINS, horses, GOING FISHING, picking flowers and CAKE! Her favorite foods are: Salad,oatmeal, yogurt with fresh fruit, bananas, noodles, Salsa, peppers...
I've been very blessed with not one, but 2 amazing grandmothers that can sow! LORD between my mom and Mrs. Lynn, Bella does not lack for anything! Always fit to a T and as she would say.. "NO BOW, NO GO!" Below are a few photos of my angel.

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